Myanmar Model Girls and Nightlife

Asian Nightlife with beautiful young women.

They work at fashion shows in Yangon and with some of them, it is easy to do speed dating and more. The Myanmar and Yangon (Burmese) model are usually pretty girls who want to cash in with the guys who come from everywhere in the country plus foreigner.
The young women work in groups at various nightclub and bars, this is rather an entertainment than a fashion show but up to this level, the authorities allow.This business is mainly here, they also include some entertainment parts to earn some money since their only income is what they get from the guys via buying them flower garlands and maybe some closer encounter after the show. 

Exotic Asian GirlsThis happens but is not the rule, there is nothing much different to situations in Milan or Paris where they also go the extra mile to get a lucrative modeling job, they all have to live somehow. 

Anyway mood is good, women are pretty, the tide is high, life is beautiful, ok could be better, what can we do? 
Model Girl in Yangon
Model Girl in Yangon

Just imagine you touched down in Yangon's tropical heat, finally arrived at the hotel. Now the day moves on and the night comes, what to do?

It's fun time, among other with some fashion show entertainment, karaoke, KTV, disco and more. Burmese Model Girls of the night shift are around

Now it starts with exotic young Asian ladies. 

It might be a bit different from "time to time" since the interaction in the nightlife business is much more pleasure and relaxed. 

In SEA it is not as strange to let's say as in Hong Kong where the "Mama San" stands beside the table where you just settled with the pretty one with the stop clock and gives you 10 minutes to come to business, this person must be mad.
Asia Entertainment City Yangon
entertainment modeling girls

Myanmar beauties model and other girls at night

This kind of fashion modeling is one of the rare jobs to get some cash into the pocket since from time to time the men spend some flower garlands when they find one of them particularly attractive. 

The country has around 130 ethnic groups and together with the legacy from colonial plenty of very good looking sexy ladies are around.
Burmese Girls
Burmese Girls
Many have Indian roots and many of them have clearly a rather European background, this is the legacy of several hundred years colonial times when English and Portuguese came to Burma.

Most Burmese beauties are open minded girls.

Usually positive oriented and have a nice behavior, naturally if some people come into the country and try to make trouble which happens many times in the past the local people don't like this and act accordingly as it is in every country.
Eastern Beauties
Eastern Beauties
There are no big problems doing dating with this Eastern Beauties in the nightclubs, the women are very cooperative its more or less the same as in Thailand.

Yangon City Show Girls

In Myanmar, the complexion is from dark, often with Indian roots working as models up to very white of the city girls and others coming from the mountains of the north. In between are the different hues and shapes from women coming from tribal areas, this finally end up in a great, exotic blend now? some nice bar girls are waiting. Many are real hot stuff turning on the guys and no much blah blah needs to be made everyone know the game. 
eastern beauties in a Yangon nightclub
Beauties create nights full of pleasure. 

and this exactly what everyone likes and it make the men come in droves. They come from everywhere, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Kuala Lumpur and from further over the ocean to have a look.

Cute ladies at Yangon

The chance to have some pleasure adventures with sexy no problem beauties are very high just browse our website, see the girls pictures and have fun and imaginations with pretty women. On the catwalk in the nightclubs, no size zero models are visible, it's not as shocking as in the "western world" where mannequins often look like skeletons or moving cloth hanger. 

Myanmar mannequins

It's a puzzle why these big fashion companies use so many of this unnatural looking mannequins. I always wonder why in a country such as Myanmar they have so many models being used for the catwalk job but those girls never make it into higher paid positions. Looking at this problem seems to be that most people in the fashion, media and movie business are homosexuals and transvestites in Thailand called ladyboys and they have a different taste like normal consumers they are strange anyway.

Sexy Myanmar Nightlife

There are some similarities to Thailand where almost all nightlife activities are run by ladyboys, they are very easy recognized because by the behavior. 

In Myanmar the situation with the beautiful models is different most in the business are real girls, no hybrids.

Burmese Modeling Girl
Modeling Girl from Burma

Pretty Ladies in Burma Nightlife

Yangon night guys are coming
You can play some games on your dating trip. The question is now, where do you find them and get the thing going. The answer is, have a look in the nightclubs, bars and discos there you will find dozens of pretty ones as here at the Zero Zone Restaurant at Chinatown and other places, they are real "eye candy".

Model girls at Zero Zone

Another nice restaurant with plenty of them around is Power Light Entertainment close to Kandawgyi Lake, a pleasant place to kick the night off, they have around 40 of them every evening and the don't follow the fashion show model style but they bring a good sing-dance show.
Power Light Entertainment Yangon
Power Light Entertainment

Some are real sexy, just have a look around and it will convince you. 

Zero Zone Rock Restaurant
Zero Zone Rock Restaurant

sensual girls at work in the night
A nice place to kick off the night in old Rangoon. The place has it's charm, is uncomplicated, has some good food, entertainment and girls are nice. A positive asset is for sure the location, it's on the rooftop of the Ambassador building in Chinatown always having a fresh breeze.

Sexy babes and sensual girls.

Most of this sensual beauties are wrapped up in long sarong style Myanmar dresses only when they do the job as a model the girls show some skin. There are no strip clubs and other with any of this variants as it is in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket in Thailand, there are several websites telling about strip clubs here, they are lying for some purposes don't believe anything, but you can believe what is written here, read more.

Yangon Disco and Nightclub
Established models

gorgeous burmese women

There are gorgeous young Burmese women dreaming of catwalk success or at least in a beauty contest. You will find many here with a real great look and not as many makeup as elsewhere but they have, most is made in Thailand and there it is heavy used by Thai girls doing a similar job.

Power light restaurants

One of the first things you should keep in mind when you travel to this place is, leave your friend behind. There are so many beauties around, temptations are real high.

Pretty and sexy ladies
Pretty and sexy ladies
Sexy Modeling
Sexy Modeling

Burmese Ladies Pictures
Burmese Nightlife Pictures

The women are quite attractive somehow sexy sophisticated, fun loving and knowing how to use the body to please. They have black hair and dark eyes, actually, there are some punks who have green hairs, but that’s not a problem or? 

At a nightclub 
The ladies in the scene are for the lonely traveler to Burma, they are absolute highlights in a country which is unfortunately in very bad overall conditions. Browsing the scene has plenty of interesting faceted.

Yangon Catwalk
Catwalk pretty

Little money, a lot of stress and a few minutes catwalk luck. Rushing from one to another  to get some flower garlands while on the stage, that’s the basic life in this business, glamor is rarely. Before each show starts dresses are checked and the hope for a bid spender is high.

Power Light Yangon
Power Light Yangon

The ladies are somehow semi-professional and all over 20 they will never reach "Vogue" but it brings some quick cash every evening when rushing through the scene, from one bar to a nightclub to a restaurant and so on, doing their run for about 20 minutes and move on. Sometimes a closer encounter with one of the guys is fixed for some later extensions. Attention brings money, adjusting the dress blouse, re-checking the nails, restructure the hairs, freshen make up, everyone wants to look good.

catwalk show
Catwalk show with plenty of people

After the show they stay a couple of minutes with the guys who maybe gave some flower, maybe fix a date and rush down to the pickup waiting to bring them to the next venue, there are around 5 fashion show groups per night who do the job, maybe more maybe less, in between some fast food is taken.

mannequin in red and white
Mannequin in red and white

Some particular pretty mannequin could get a chance for a casting session since competition is high it's not very likely, the whole depends on the behavior and prettiness. Any party after? Private parties are on every night and appointments of that kind could also bring some money in. Under this circumstances, people hardly think about tomorrow. The lady boss gets them home if they like and give the schedule for the next day. Uncertainty is part of the daily life since no one know, will I get some garlands tonight means income, or not.

Burmese Models
Burmese Models in Rangoon

For Burmese models, it’s a stressful night and not automatically lucrative. Sometimes they also make some additional money by working in campaigns and at shooting catalogs. Sexy model girls in this business know very well what they do and what the men want. 

They are mostly not top beauties but they know what to do and how to entertain the men. In this Asian country with plenty of marvelous places, and stunning panoramas they are icing the cake.

nice backview in Chinatown

A rather new dimension for western people because the relation men and women in this environment are much more relaxed than anywhere overseas what will that mean? Yes, you right have more fun, just enjoy this sexy babe and sensual girls in the nightlife business.

Sexy Myanmar Girls

Actually, as it is visible that this nightlife show in Yangon is not a real catwalk show as they do it maybe in Paris but it's some nice entertainment in disguise, it's as usual, give the stuff a new name when the old is blocked by the authorities. 

Asian beauties on stage

Here are more pretty Burmese beauties working in the night-shift although this is not sophisticated show business actually they call it fashion show this "pretty things" are pretty to look at and want some buy them flower garlands that are their salary and they will join you read more.

Interesting night shift action

Here is how they do it in neighboring Thailand.

Sexy Asian Girls (1)

Some more sexy Sexy Asian Nightclub action with pretty young women showing what they have and as it is visible there is something.

My Garden Music Lounge

That's the right place where you go with a girlfriend. 

Since the band at the stage hasn't' the sound at an irrational high noise level like most places in town with some music where you cant even hear your own words. 
At the front side is a Myanmar style restaurant which is closed around 10 pm and this also makes it difficult to enter into the backside of the building, it needs some searching around. 

The performance of the band is quite ok but it looks as if they just do this for fun, there is not much professionalism in the whole. There are no nightclub girls around everyone is listening to the music or enjoy the friends. The club itself has a good atmosphere and a comfortable somehow US style, I also have seen similar styling at Kuta / Bali.

My garden music lounge Yangon
Women singing in Yangon nightlife scene

The nightlife scene in Yangon is very relaxed no one bothers you about dress-code and similar nonsense to build up artificial walls which needs to pull down afterwards to satisfy the mental distraction on the one who order this, read more.

Yangon nightclub music

Have some quiet Yangon night-cub fun at Ahlon Road close to the Shwedagon Pagoda and opposite the International Hotel compound. Take some Myanmar Beer and drift away in a tropical atmosphere just the way you like it, it's a nice place to spend a evening. Until around 10 pm there is a restaurant open in front, read more.

Yangon Chinatown Nightlife Girls

Fun in a Yangon Night

That is the place where most nightclubs and discos plus bars are. Many places run shows with Myanmar model girls.

All kind of fun in Yangon's Chinatown is always a bit sexy oriented but some other places with a similar Yangon sexy theme came up elsewhere in the city. In the nightclubs are up to fifty sensual young women at work.

What do this pretty ladies have in mind? To entertain the audience by singing and dancing they get something in return, now what they get? That are flower garlands the guys send them when they find that one of them particularly attractive. She will have a look for him, maybe a little chat and if the "chemistry" might have some correlation something more could happen, who knows? Live is complicated but beautiful at the same time speed dating with sexy Asian girls is the answer.

Have a nice evening plus eat some good food and drink some Myanmar or Mandalay beer and enjoy life. 

Be happy with some karaoke in between and have fun. Some stupids from elsewhere interpret this with negative intentions as "prostitution". 

Although the girls just do some entertainment, the stupids with their Taliban mind try to make other miserable just like the Saudi and Pakistani religious police, does anyone like that? for sure not! Myanmar is such a nice country, especially for holiday, there are so many pretty Asian women. 

Exotic holiday with pretty women

Most people already have enough problems within their daily life, they know themselves what is good for them and don't need others to tell them what to do, they had this system now already for around 60 years and they are happy to get rid of it.

Fashion show ladies in Chinatown

The Yangon nightclub entertainer is not doing karaoke

They really sing and some of them do this quite good. They mainly sing local songs but from time to time they also do some English or Thai. This place is basically a restaurant which morphs into a nightclub in the evening, it's very popular because of the sexy singer.

Actually, those have been built with better financing which means the whole looks a bit better and less "homemade" but the fashion show girls are the same since the move from one place to the other within 45 minutes slots. This is not long but considering that nightlife starts at 8 pm and ends at midnight it's rather short. Between the bars and nightclubs they are rushing in this small trucks and some of them hope to find a guy among the audience with some money.

Burmese girls busy in the night

There is an amazing amount of Burmese girls working in the night shift and they do quite a good job when considering the very limited possibilities they have on hand. No wonder why they go sometimes a bit further to get some cash into the pocket they also want to live and are definitely old enough to know what they do, read more.

This small trucks carrying them are rather uncomfortable. 

Dinner in Chinatown is a simple one with plenty of fun
Yangon Chinatown and exotic holiday at night

Fashion shop at Maha Bandoola

Yangon street food is not very safe to eat
Yangon fashion shop

The city is quite busy in the evening but around 11 pm traffic dies down and people move home there is nothing after midnight, it's quite different to Bangkok, Singapore and other Metropolis in the Asia. 

night market
Yangon night market

The next boom in South East Asia will be Myanmar holidays since the country has a unique blend of culture and adventure plus beaches and islands possibilities. It will still take a while because the infrastructure is not ready yet, read more.