Sensual Myanmar Girl

Nightlife in Yangon. 

Pretty ladies and a gorgeously exotic appearance, that's the quick definition at magazines, videos, television and in real life. Particular on television they only show some established model again and again but not the real beautiful ones who maybe can’t pay their way through.

There are plenty of cute women around and the ones working in the nightlife business in Yangon a foreigner will probably make the first contact. 

It is quite difficult to do some dating on location elsewhere because there is no real infrastructure around which means you cant meet anywhere there are not coffee shops and similar to go for a date except in the big Myanmar hotels so it's better to move this stuff into the evening. 
Sexy Myanmar nightlife girls at Zero Zone

Also there is a much better chance to meet a positive thinking lady since they also go to a nightclub or similar with the intention to meet someone. Be aware of this and don't waste your time with attempts with negative outcome

In south east Asia.

Burmese Model Girls
Burmese Model Girls
Such as Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia not the best young girls are on the screen but the women with the deepest pockets who can pay most to the intermediates. Ladies on magazin covers and at the TV screen sometimes are not beautiful, why they pass the real good ones? We all know but nobody talk about.

Sexy Nightclub Entertainment Yangon

This has to do with that sexy stuff which eases the walls. Usually the Pretty Burmese Models keep themselves in great shape, try to be healthy and take care of their skin. Great physical appearance and beautiful skin probably is the most important asset.

Pretty Burmese Girls Bodies

Cute bodies and pretty faces.

and a nice behavior are the means of making a living.  Myriad of guys somewhere in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and elsewhere dream about. This can be handled by make up to certain level but sooner or later the truth will surface.

Working in the night shift on stage

The women working in the night shift.

have a excellent reputation in general, they are not aggressive, are cooperation oriented and not confrontational, although often very lazy and the tomorrow, tomorrow is a usual expression.  The best known writings about Burmese girls are from Kipling and Maurice Collis , they wrote about long time ago but its still valid, people don't change much Burmese ladies in the nightlife business working in fashion show entertainment, this is a local version of entertainment. 

Sexy Burmese model girls working

Sexy Burmese nightlife girls in Yangon

Men visiting this places in the evening want some entertainment, either visual or something sexy. Myanmar is a country where they have great young ladies for entertainment and more.

Fashion and dance shows.

Karaoke and other stuff with Burmese model girls in one of the nightclubs, restaurants, bars and discos. Often something physical can happen afterwards if the chemistry fits.

There are plenty of things going on in Yangon and elsewhere, the ladies in the night are pretty and positive minded. There are basically three nightlife centers at Rangoon or Yangon, one is at the rooftop of the Ambassador building in Theingizay, Chinatown, that is the  Zero Zone Rock restaurant a nice blend between a restaurants and a nightclub.

Yangon fashion show at restaurant

Between 8 and 10 pm there are fashion show groups coming in every 30 minutes, they usually have up to 8 cute wannabe mannequins and its possible to do some speed dating by giving some flower garlands when they hit the catwalk. They also have a buffet, beer and other stuff, everything is very affordable.

Ahlone street nightlife in Yangon

A other nightlife spot.

with restaurants, discos, pubs, lounges and more with nice women (at the disco and pool bar) is at the Yangon International Hotel / Summit Parkview Hotel and at the opposite side of Ahlon Road. These places are quite new means everything is in good shape and is functioning.

Power Light Entertainment

Power Light Entertainment.

close to Kandawgyi Lake, is a restaurant cum nightclub and a stage in the center with about 2 dozen girls who show what they have and some singing. They sing amazingly good and do a slow motion dancing. Again the same method for speed dating, buy some flower garlands and they will sit down with you.

Asia Plaza Nightclub Yangon near JJ
pretty back-view imaginable

find an attractive and sexy girl in Yangon

attractive sexy Burmese girl in Power Light

attractive Yangon nightlife girl at power light

attractive sexy Burmese girl for dating on location

attractive Burmese nightlife girl for sexy dating

attractive sexy Burmese girl for dating available

attractive sexy Burmese for fun

Here is the best playground to find Sexy Myanmar & Burmese Nightlife Girls.

attractive Sexy Burmese girls for dating

The young ladies are fresh and exiting just pleasant in a tropical environment. Now if you come to Yangon and want some entertainment that's the right places to some some sexy adventure with a good chance not being bored and having lots of fun.  

attractive Sexy Yangon girls
Find some fresh party girls and get your motion in gear there is plenty to venture out there, indeed. Yangon became a excellent new adventure destination and many guys are already having a look via a weekend break to check whats up at the edges of the Andaman Sea.

attractive Sexy Myanmar nightlife girls for entertainment

Asia Entertainment City and JJ Entertainment.

This place is lose to Kandawgyi Lake are pure girls pick up places. The nightclubs are located in two bigger buildings with several discos, karaoke and fashion show, this two places are dedicated to guys - girls interaction there are up to around 50 and sometimes even more.

Burmese entertainment
Burmese entertainment at Zero Zone
Zero Zone at Chinatown with fashion show ladies

nightlife fashion and show girls
Nightclub ladies

Pretty Ladies
Pretty Ladies
Hot and Sexy
Hot and Sexy
Hot and sexy in Yangon
Hot and sexy in Yangon

Pretty Nightlife at Rangoon
Pretty Nightlife at Rangoon
Sexy nightlife show
Sexy nightlife show
Here are sexy Myanmar (Burmese) nightlife girls waiting for you, no joke, don't miss out.

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